Affiliations & Projects

Founded in 1967 by Bill Mytty, Quality Construction Company began our decades-long journey in the construction industry by building residential homes in Western Montana. Thereafter we expanded into commercial and industrial construction, and have built hundreds of successful projects since.

JOHN SLETTEN, a carpenter from Montana, began a partnership with an accountant and formed Kleppe Sletten Construction. Soon after, Kleppe retired and the company was renamed John Sletten Construction.

Over the decades, we’ve experienced a steady and manageable rate of growth throughout our local building industry. Building numerous landmark projects in Missoula and its surrounding areas, we’ve excelled in the Education, Government, Medical, Multi-Family and Retail industries

Reed Mountain Construction, Inc. (RMCI), is Western Montana’s construction experts specializing in new commercial and residential construction, tenant improvements, home remodeling, and more. 

Our mission is to deliver industry-leading services by integrating the unique needs of dynamic client partners with innovative value-creating solutions.


  • Willard Alternative School
  • Washington School
  • Karl Tyler Express Lube – Hamilton
  • Polley Square A,B,C,D
  • Lolo Creek Distillary
  • Front Street Apartments
  • Old Fort Condos
  • Missoula Federal Credit Union – Reserve
  • Missoula Federal Credit Union – Brooks
  • Missoula Federal Credit Union – Russell
  • DNRC Welding Shop
  • DNRC Helicopter Pad
  • Community Medical Newborn Center
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Gold Dust Apartments
  • Um Housing Apartments
  • Great Northern Apartments
  • Creekside Apartments
  • Loilo Apartments
  • Sentinel High School
  • Lolo pass Visitor Center
  • St. Regis Senior Center
  • St. Regis Water / Wast Plant
  • Um Chemistry Building
  • Larchmount Building
  • Karl Tyler Express Lube South Ave
  • St. Pat’s Radiation Bay
  • First Security Bank – Addition
  • Mullan Road Apartments
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Um Modular Building
  • Seeley Lake Medical Center
  • Florence Medical Center
  • Safeway Supermarket – Broadway
  • Salvation Army
  • Equinox Apartments
  • Good Food Store – Addition
  • Missoula Detention Records Center
  • Mountain View Apartments
  • Camp – Make – A – Dream
  • First Interstate Bank
  • TSI Building
  • Missoula County Animal Shelter
  • DOT Shop
  • Mountain Line Bus Station
  • Bonner Apartments
  • Northside Apartments
  • Artic Circle / Hoagieville
  • Danny Blowers Insurance
  • Boyce Lumber – Addition
  • Titan Machinery
  • Travel America
  • Old Navy Building
  • Wagners Furniture – Addition
  • Green Hanger Laundry
  • Orchard Garden Apartments
  • Community Hospital Generator Pad
  • Depot Restaurant – Addition
  • Missoula Airport Terminal – Addition
  • Missoula Airport Tower
  • Silver Park
  • Carpet Garage
  • Bargreen and Ellison Restaurant Supply
  • Decker Trucking
  • Caffe Dolce
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